b. 1981, Lisbon-Portugal
Visual Artist & Architect,
based in Berlin.

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The study and practice of Architecture have profoundly influenced my work as a Visual Artist. Not only the aesthetics and the visual outcome of the works but also the way of approaching and thinking Art itself. Even so, working as a Visual Artist has given me the opportunity to create pieces that depict ideas and emotions with greater freedom.

The main focus of my artwork lies in the journey to understand the Self in the context of a collective environment.

Many of the subjects are autobiographical and the use of my Body on this research is fundamental: it is captured in timeless performances, fragments of a choreographed action that stopped in time, but where a certain dynamic remains, creating a new dimension that transcends the artwork. The deconstruction of the subjects into separated elements, creating different layers of meaning is one of my main interests. The represented Self, the space between the piece and the viewer, the dialogue established between them, the Look. The artworks appeal to an intimate relationship, they subtly suggest, insinuate and provoke the viewer to have a personal interpretation of each piece. This discovery is made from the outside towards the inside, from the general into the detail and within this process, I share with the viewer a privileged contemplation of my own identity. I have worked thus far with mixed-media, combining painting, drawing, and photography, mainly on canvas and paper. Now my interests are shifting towards the physical separation of the elements within the artwork, creating spaces in-between, incorporating architecture into my practice as a Visual Artist.

Curriculum VitaE



1999-2005, Graduated in Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Technical University, Lisbon.

Professional Experience
2012-2017, Co-founder Architect at PitLibermann GbR, Berlin.
*2014,2016 Awarded Building selected for the ARCHITEKTOUREN Festival, Bavarian Chamber of Architects, Munich.

2012,  Creative Architect at DO Architecture Art Interior Gallery Fun, DO度联体艺术设计机构 际, 798 Art District, Beijing. www.dodododo.net

2005-2011, Architect at BCQ Arquitectura Barcelona. www.bcq.es

Oct-Dec2018, Gaga/people classes (Ohad Naharin), Contemporary Dance Studio Marameo, Berlin.

Oct2017-Jun2018, Artist Coaching, with Gemma Guasch and Josep Asunción at CREART - Artistic and Creative Research Labs, Barcelona.

Apr-Jun2018, Digital Photography Course, with Ivonne Thein, Berlin.

Mar2018, Workshop Light as a Design Element of Photography, with Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Berlin.

Mar2018, Workshop Linocut and Printing, with Helga Franz, Berlin.

Nov2017, International Symposium Architecture of Collage at Berlinische Galerie, Berlin.

Jul2017, Seminar Experimental Photography at AR.CO, Lisbon.

Jul2017, Workshop Drawing and Sculptural Work, with Norbert Poredda, Berlin.

Nov2016-Mar2017, Life Drawing Classes, with Nicolaus Roland, Berlin.

Jan-Sept2012, Ancient Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, with Sheng Qing 盛情, Beijing.
Jul2019, Collective Exhibition ‘QUEERNESS’, Projektraum 145, Berlin-Mitte.

Simoneau, N. 2019, ‘QUEERNESS – An exhibition at Projektraum 145’, Kaltblut-Magazine.

Jul2019 Konvent.Zero, Berga, Barcelona.