Acrylic gesso, acrylic primer sealer, graphite and charcoal on unstretched cotton sheet.
(2x) 39.5 x 58 cm | 15.6 x 22.8 in

Technology is becoming more human, while humans are rushing to become machines. This two-work set takes as its premise the idea that I think is at the heart of the contemporary human-technology relationship. I am interested in reflecting on what makes us human. The fluidity of nature, adaptable and sensitive, is increasingly mechanized, while technology, although in its still infantile state, points to greater fluidity, supported by ever more powerful processing systems. Is it possible to return to the pure state of nature? Does it make sense? How can technology serve such a vision?

The basis for this drawing is a photographed body, whose structure has been digitally distorted using a photo-editing software. The apparent effect is reminiscent of the elongated and twisted bodies of El Greco's paintings, and it is interesting to note that if you isolate certain parts or change the point of view, the body appears to be exactly as it is depicted.