Microparticles, 2021

Full HD video loop, 5'13'', color, sound.


The video installation reflects on the air in its relation to movement and appropriation of places. Since the way we live in public spaces was conditioned by a virus, it became clear that freedom of movement is associated with air, which gained a new dimension: breathing has become the new socio-political appropriation of public places. The title alludes to the repercussion that microscopic elements have on the unfolding of large-scale events, while the video projection in public spaces intends to reflect on the virtual occupation of such places - Is this enough, and what are the reasonable parameters for this to occur?

June 2021, 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival - Central Exhibition, Berlin.

KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art

Curated by Rosy DX, Rebekka Liebmann and Christoph Schneider.

Originated as a representation of an eye, what we today know as the fifteenth letter in the basic Latin alphabet O carries much symbolism and meaning. When standing by itself, phonetically it expresses surprise as well as wonder. In written form, it delineates a territory in two clearly defined spaces: interior and exterior. On a metaphorical level, a circle symbolizes the infinite and cyclical nature of existence as well as unity, wholeness, balance, and stability, among others. Most importantly, O is also the chemical symbol for oxygen, which brings its meaning in the here and now to a whole other level. In the Kesselhaus of KINDL - Center for Contemporary Art, the central group exhibition ''O'' brings together 18 artistic works that explore the topic AIR in various ways.