Ode to Sensitivity, 2021

Acrylic gesso, acrylic primer sealer, acrylic paint, ink and pigments on unstretched cotton sheet.
204 x 143 cm | 80.3 x 56.3 in


The artwork deals with youth memories experienced in a traditional, patriarchal society.
According to the Cambridge dictionary, sensitivity is "an understanding or ability to decide what is good or valuable, especially in connection with artistic or social activities."
However, in a society of Christian ideology, like the one I grew up in, the term sensitivity has a long tradition associated with the female universe, seen as an emotional state reserved for heroines, "fragile virtues in distress" described in various forms of artistic expression throughout time.
Ode to Sensibility is an emancipated affirmation of the sublime, experienced in an open and inclusive mental place of abstract geometries. Within this space, the collective does not denigrate hope and sincerity but enhances confidence and absolute security in the universal openness of the Being.