Primordial body, 2019

2-channel HD video loop installation, 17’18’’, color, sound.

July 2020, Film Festival ‘ΤΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΦΟΒΟΣ; WHAT IS FEAR?’, Hošek Contemporary, Berlin-Mitte.

This project was created at KONVENT ZERO. An Artist-in-Residence Program that breathes life into disused industrial heritage. A former nun's convent and a textile factory converted into an experimental laboratory, two hours from Barcelona.
With this project, I wanted to create a Video Installation, exploring Space and Sound, two new elements to my body of work. I chose to use The Factory, a 775sqm beautiful old empty room, mainly because of its sound characteristics and the created sense of sacred ritual performance. The Installation combines a slideshow of black and white photographs with sound and closeup videos of moving body parts. It is a piece that aims to depict the primordial essence of the Self.