acrylic gesso, bio wax-based binder, mineral pigments, and gouache on inkjet printed rough 140gr/m² book printing paper
(2x) 92 x 147.5 cm | 36.2 X 58.1 in

Private Collection, Germany.

July 2020,  Collective Exhibition ‘UNLOCK’, Espacio 88, Poblenou-Barcelona.

In the emptiness left by the negative of the black surface, overlapping body shapes transform the space around them, evoking alternative worlds, which the artwork tries to depict. The journey into this inner space begins with and through movement. It establishes a connection with deep mental states, colliding two opposite yet complementary directions, internal and external. Not only a deep connection within ourselves but also with the universe of which we are an integral part. A Software, whose algorithm is only partially controlled, is used to assemble the instants of the performed movement, captured in photographs, generating a new perception of time and space.